April 23, 2011

Blood Pressure "Switch" Found on Human Body

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April 23, 2011
Bottom Line's Daily Health News

Extremely FAST fix for high blood pressure...

Blood Pressure "Switch" Found on Human Body...

In minutes, a single touch lowers blood pressure back to healthy levels. Top number drops 14 points, bottom number drops 8 points. NO drug on Earth can match this instant miracle. Who knew it was this simple?

Chicago, IL: A recent study conducted by the Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago identified a small spot (the "Atlas area") on the body that appears to control blood pressure.

It's almost like a switch that allows doctors to dial down your blood pressure in minutes—without prescription drugs. Just one procedure and you're done! See details on page 11 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

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Extremely EFFECTIVE for type 2 diabetes...

A monster of a new healing discovery...

Beat Diabetes with Gila Monster Spit!

What in the world does a poisonous lizard have to do with diabetes? More than you might think. The saliva of this desert reptile is overflowing with a hormone that boosts your natural insulin production and blocks high blood sugar.

From The Diabetes Center at Massachusetts General Hospital: Researchers have now isolated this lizard-saliva hormone and developed a new medication that's proving amazingly effective for type 2 diabetics.

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