April 30, 2011

The Truth About CoQ10 and Resveratrol

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April 30, 2011
Bottom Line's Daily Health News

The truth you're NOT hearing
about CoQ10 and resveratrol

(and a simple secret that unleashes
their full rejuvenating power for you)

If you're taking CoQ10 and/or resveratrol, you're off to a good start. After all...

  • Clinical studies document CoQ10's unique ability to revitalize your heart... support normal blood pressure, your immune system and even brain health... and safeguard your body from age-robbing free radicals.
  • Most Americans were first introduced to resveratrol on 60 Minutes as the miracle molecule found in red wine. Some scientists believe it helps the French live healthier and longer than Americans.
Bottom Line Natural Healing RevitalizeQ Plus

More recently, scientists at Harvard reported this wine molecule activates a particular enzyme known as the "longevity gene." This research is exciting and gives us a glimpse into how we may be able to "slow the aging process."

No wonder sales of CoQ10 and resveratrol have soared. Yet shockingly...

The way most people take CoQ10
and resveratrol falls way short!

This is a travesty because I've seen firsthand how these two breakthroughs in natural medicine can do wonders for your health, vitality and youthfulness.

That's why I'm excited to tell you that, for the first time, you can take the same special form of CoQ10 I now give my patients—plus a better source of resveratrol—in my exclusive, new formula for Bottom Line Natural HealingTM, RevitalizeQ PlusTM.

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