March 11, 2011

The Drugs No Senior Should Ever Take

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March 12, 2011
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The Drugs No Senior Should Ever Take

A blacklist of dangerous drugs—confirmed by a congressional inquiry and published by a distinguished medical journal

In 1991, a team from Harvard Medical School identified 20 drugs too dangerous for use by elderly patients.

Then they found out that 23% of seniors are receiving these very drugs.

And the Journal of the American Medical Association said this study was "merely the tip of the iceberg." They were right. Now the list has grown to several dozen drugs.

Congress was so disturbed it asked its watchdog agency, the General Accounting Office, to look into it. Using Medicare data, the GAO found over 17 percent of the elderly receive unsafe drugs. No matter which study you use, prescription drugs are putting roughly one out of five seniors in deadly danger.

So what was done? Nothing at all!
You need to protect yourself—NOW!

And we can help. PLEASE let us send you this urgent information in the Special Report, The Drugs No Senior Should EVER Take. It's yours FREE just for agreeing to take a look at our new 496-page book, Prescription for Drug Alternatives. And it's only one of the 26 FREE BONUS REPORTS that are yours to keep no matter what.

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Are your medicines

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Millions just live with the miserable side effects...

Millions more stop taking the drugs, no matter what their doctors say...

And millions die without ever knowing their medications wrecked their lives and maybe killed them!

Don't put up with it!

For every prescription drug there's a natural alternative that's safer, more effective and a lot less expensive!

  • 42% of all prescription drugs cause cancer.

  • Diabetes "wonder drugs" cause heart failure, bone loss and liver failure. Ordinary fiber does a better job than the drugs!

  • Osteoporosis drug makes you more likely to break a bone. Try a safe plant extract that builds bone better than the $704-a-year drug!

  • All NSAID painkillers double your risk of heart failure. Try this no-pills-at-all pain solution.

Prescription drugs are the number 4 cause of death in the United States after heart attacks, cancer and strokes.

It's a fact that 1.9 million Medicare recipients have a bad drug reaction each year, and at least a million are hurt bad enough to go to the hospital.

But right now I'm not worried about 1.9 million Americans. I'm worried about you. Let me tell you just one reason why: Are you going to lose your mind because of a drug? One out of 10 so-called Alzheimer's patients have got addled minds because of their medications!

When these people come off the drugs their minds come back! So if you've noticed your memory is going downhill... and you take prescription drugs each and every day... well, you do the math.

But memory may be the least of your worries...

Are your drugs going to give you cancer?

Laboratory studies show that 42% of all prescription drugs cause cancer according to the information on their own labels. Among the worst offenders? Cholesterol-reducing drugs.

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And consider this: Hip fractures caused by osteoporosis are one of the deadliest killers in America. Half the people who break a hip never walk again, and 60,000 of them die within a year.

Now we know that prescription drugs are the number 1 cause of bone loss next to old age itself.

Yet there's a plant extract that builds bone better than a $704-a-year drug.

Do you see? Just by getting off prescription drugs you help save yourself from cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and a host of other diseases! And there's more...

  • Migraine drugs can cause sudden death. Who needs 'em? A common weed from the side of the road gives relief to 93 percent.

  • Studies prove aspirin is just as effective as this $3-a-day blood thinner. But first try these natural answers that are even better than aspirin.

  • Feeling blue? The FDA itself says depression drugs are no better than a placebo—a sugar pill. Our natural solutions beat drugs in head-to-head tests.

  • The most lethal drug in America is a blood pressure drug that can actually stop your heart. Instead, lower your blood pressure in 10 minutes without drugs.

  • Top drug for enlarged prostate can't manage to beat a placebo. Try a solution that's better than the drug OR saw palmetto.
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And more natural answers that are proven superior to drugs...

  • New vitamin discovery cuts heart disease risk in half.

  • Bee product beats top herpes drug by 71 percent!

  • "Incurable" eczema cured without drugs.

  • Power mineral slashes PMS symptoms almost in half—and a European berry extract slashes them 93 percent.

  • One of the most exciting new digestive cures I've seen in 20 years!

The Great Diabetes Hoax

Millions of diabetes patients are getting the wrong medicine!

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The new "wonder drugs" are likely to kill or injure you or someone you love...

And they're among the top-selling drugs in America!

Even if you're one of the lucky people they don't hurt, these drugs cost 10 times as much as older drugs—and they're no more effective.

You can avoid the deadly risks... and get BETTER health results... for a FRACTION OF THE PRICE!

Folks who take one of the top diabetes drugs see a 43 percent increase in heart attacks, according to a heart scientist at the famous Cleveland Clinic. The finding appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine and was based on 42 different studies of the drug.

How worried should you be? VERY. About two-thirds of people with diabetes actually die of heart disease, NOT diabetes. These drugs could make that problem 43 percent worse. What a way to "cure" diabetes!

Is this drug the next Vioxx®?

Amazingly, this drug is still on the market. The heart disease scare did hurt sales, but it's still around. And another drug in the same family reigns as one of the 50 top-selling drugs in the United States. I don't think it's any safer than its killer cousin. In fact, a third medication in this same group has already been recalled and banned.

Urgent reading for all diabetics

Our new book gives you details on the proven killer and its whole crime family. There are five drugs in this category and millions of people pop them like M&M® candies.

There's a good chance this will be the next big drug recall. The drug has already caused thousands of heart attacks. And get this: It's no better for treating diabetes than an older, cheaper drug called metformin. It's just more profitable for the drug companies.

You'll see the details on page 190 of our new book, Prescription for Drug Alternatives, just click here now. And you'll see something else, too...

University of Toronto breakthrough...

Prevent diabetes for pennies—without drugs
And lose weight at the same time—
Without dieting!

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The most ordinary, ho-hum substance in your kitchen is a powerful diabetes fighter. I'm talking about fiber—the same stuff we get from fruits, whole grain cereals and many other foods.

What could be cheaper and easier than this!

And if you really want to get maximum results—fast—try a unique three-fiber formula developed by scientists from the University of Toronto.

This powerful fiber formula...

  • Reduces blood sugar by 23 percent (vs. 0 percent for a placebo)

  • Reduces body fat twice as much as a placebo

  • Actually makes high-glycemic foods (those that boost your blood sugar) up to 50 percent safer to eat

  • Fills you up, curbs your appetite and gets rid of hunger pangs. One capsule produces as much bulk as a whole bowl of oatmeal

  • Eases constipation and promotes bowel regularity, as you'd expect with a fiber supplement. And best of all...
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It even slashes LDL "bad" cholesterol
up to 29%

And it does all this without drugs and without any possible harm to your body!

Get our new book, look under "D" for diabetes (page 179), and see what this exciting breakthrough can do for your blood sugar. Then check out the weight loss chapter on page 292 and see how it takes off the pounds, too! If you have trouble controlling your appetite—and you DON'T want to resort to weight-loss drugs—this is the answer to your prayers.

PLUS, you'll receive my new Special Report devoted totally to this diabetes/weight loss breakthrough. It's called Defeat Diabetes AND Lose Weight with the New Super-Fiber Formula. It's one of your SIX FREE DIABETES BONUS REPORTS.

Got his diabetes under control in 5 days
without medication!

"I was diagnosed with type 2, insulin-resistant diabetes. My fasting glucose was 220 and my A1c was 9.8! Not wanting to take prescription drugs with their dangerous side effects, I immediately consulted Dr. Mark's book... and in five days was able to show my local doctor that I would be able to get my diabetes under control without medication!... By the end of the three-week challenge, my fasting glucose reading was in the low- to mid-130 range!"

—Robert P. Kaltenbach, Las Vegas, NV

Women who take this drug almost double
their risk of breaking a hip

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The same diabetes drug that increases your heart attack risk by 43 percent also causes bone loss! For heaven's sake, PLEASE try our natural solutions. We give you full details in our new book and in your collection of six FREE Bonus Reports on diabetes.

The more you know about diabetes drugs, the worse it gets...

Six of the most popular diabetes drugs should NEVER be given to patients who suffer from heart disease—and that's according to the FDA, not me. The list includes metformin, the top-selling diabetes drug in America after insulin.

Yet these medications are STILL being prescribed for 24 percent of patients who suffer from both diabetes and heart failure. That's about one patient out of four. A renowned medical journal, The Lancet, calls this scandal "the power of marketing over evidence-based medicine." Heart disease and diabetes go together like a horse and carriage. Most diabetes patients should avoid these drugs.

I sincerely believe every diabetes patient needs to read pages 179–196 of our book. Please take a free, no obligation look at the facts. You can preview our book without paying a dime. Click here now to order.

My Kitchen Table Cure for High Blood Sugar

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Who needs prescription drugs? You can reduce your blood sugar with one of the cheapest, simplest foods on earth: Apple cider vinegar.

Exciting new research from the University of Arizona proves it. And you'll see the evidence in this new Bonus Report, yours FREE when you send for your 30-day FREE preview of our book, Prescription for Drug Alternatives.

There's a small catch: You need to take enough vinegar, i.e., the research dose. If you don't eat much vinegar in your normal meals, let me show you an easy way to slip it "down the hatch." In fact, you can take your vinegar in supplement form. Your FREE Report includes sources.

P.S. Vinegar helps relieve arthritis pain, too. Get the report and see.

Got off insulin and got his eyesight back!

"After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which brought about daily insulin shots in the abdomen, I suffered significant loss of eyesight and internal organ complications. I consulted with Dr. Mark Stengler and he provided me with a protocol of diet and natural medicines that balanced out my blood sugar levels—naturally!... Since following his protocol, I have recovered and am free from insulin shots. I also regained the ability to read again. I highly recommend Dr. Stengler and his book, which are nothing short of lifesaving. Thank you Dr. Stengler!"

—Shawn J. Mitchell, Oceanside, CA

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The Great Cholesterol Hoax

Drug companies charge $1,740 a year
for something nature gives away free!

Cholesterol-reducing statin drugs are just patented knockoffs of a simple food that Asians have eaten for centuries. You can buy it in pill form in any health food store—for 93% less than the drug companies charge!

It's a rice extract that's better for you, much safer, and it's also rich in other heart-healthy nutrients you won't find in the $1,740 drug.

Some folks might be wary of trying a natural solution that conventional M.Ds. don't know about. I can understand that.

But why not try a natural solution that contains the same active ingredient as the drug? Especially when you can buy it for 93 percent less!

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God made the first statin
and you can buy it for pennies

Researchers at UCLA Medical School proved the natural statin in red yeast rice extract slashes LDL or "bad" cholesterol 22 percent in just 12 weeks.

And a four-year study in China showed that people who take the extract suffered almost 37 percent fewer heart-related deaths compared to those on a placebo (a sugar pill). You can look it up in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

And you'll really like this...

The natural remedy avoids most of the miserable side effects of expensive drugs. The side effects are so horrible, four out of 10 people quit the drugs within six months!

The rice extract gets the job done with a tiny fraction of the statin dose found in the drugs. It just makes sense: Lower dose, fewer side effects.

And the natural extract contains more than just lovastatin—the substance that was turned into a drug. The rice product contains a family of related substances that may also help cut cholesterol. You don't get those in the drug company statins.

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Cholesterol-cutting drugs
are a money machine—
Don't get caught in the gears!

The #1 prescription drug in America is a cholesterol drug. It rakes in about $8 billion a year. And three of the top 15 drugs are in the same category. They're called statin drugs.

They're all just about the same,
but here's the real shocker...

Statin drugs give most people little or no protection against heart disease. I've got a natural answer for you, and it's even better than red yeast rice extract.

A vitamin you never heard of
cuts your risk of heart disease in half!

I guarantee it's not in your multivitamin.
You'll want to buy it separately—or eat the right foods!

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Researchers in Europe were amazed to find an overlooked vitamin that reduces deaths from heart disease by half.

But there's no room for doubt. This was a major long-term study. The scientists studied 4,807 people over a seven- to 10-year period. The people who ate high amounts of this super nutrient suffered only half the number of cardiovascular deaths. In fact, they had 25 percent less risk of dying from any cause.

You'll get all the details in the FREE Bonus Report, Four Super Nutrients for Your Heart.

This new vitamin comes in two forms, and the second form—the one used in the big study—is absorbed better and remains active in the body longer. Request the FREE Report and see for yourself!

Another vitamin reduces LDL "bad" cholesterol up to 20%!

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Vitamin E is good for your heart, but only one form of E actually destroys plaque that's already present. And it's probably not the form on your shelf.

You see, vitamin E comes in eight forms, and the typical supplement has only one. In fact, you probably need to throw out the brand you've got—it's useless. Check this FREE report and see.

Then buy the right stuff and watch your LDL "bad" cholesterol number plummet.

This vegetable tonic knocks another 12% off your LDL

If you take the first two vitamins I just mentioned, you're on your way to beating cholesterol without drugs. Now finish it off for good with a vegetable tonic that slashes LDL up to 12 percent and reduces triglycerides (fats in your blood) up to 19 percent.

This tonic actually stops new plaque from forming. People who take it develop two-thirds less new plaque than those on a placebo.

It also thins the blood (no more need to take Plavix® or Coumadin®,)—and slashes other heart attack markers including homocysteine and the new measure of inflammation, C-reactive protein or CRP.

No drug can come close to reducing plaque like this!

My fourth recommendation is one of the most amazing nutritional discoveries of recent times: Pomegranate juice. Yes, it's the real deal. In a test group of folks with severe artery blockage, the red juice got rid of more than a third of their plaque in only one year! In fact, you'll see the benefits within weeks.

But a sip now and then isn't enough to do the job.

See this FREE Report for the research dose that got those amazing results!

Click here now to request your FREE Report, Four Super Nutrients for Your Heart, PLUS 25 other FREE Reports.

If your cholesterol drug is making you sick,
you've got lots of company

(and if you don't watch out, it could kill you)

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Lost his job thanks to a bad drug reaction.

"My husband is a tennis pro," the woman confided. "He went to his doctor, who checked his cholesterol and put him on Lipitor®. He developed muscle pain, and now he can't play tennis anymore."*

*Based on the book Before You Take That Pill, by J. Douglas Bremner, M.D. (Avery/Penguin Group)

This woman's husband was only 40 years old and in perfect health. He didn't have any risk factors for heart disease, such as smoking, high blood pressure or being overweight.

Now he suffers from myalgia—muscle pain. It's a common side effect of statin drugs. He would've been better off not going to the doctor. He was fine. Now his young life is wrecked by a stupid medical mistake.

You might think, "Side effects are just the price you pay. At least he's protected from heart disease, isn't he?" The answer is: Probably not. Statin drugs give most people almost no protection against heart disease. When it comes to statins, there's lots of pain and almost no gain.

If muscle pain is his only side effect, he'll be lucky

He could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he could have read page 129 of our new book, Prescription for Drug Alternatives. It tells all about the muscle pain side effect. And that's just one of 11 major side effects the book warns about.

You'll also see how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued guidelines that would put a staggering 37 million Americans on statin drugs—including millions of healthy people with no sign of heart disease. Almost all the scientists who wrote the guidelines had financial ties to the big pharmaceutical companies.

Not everyone's on the take. Dozens of honest doctors and scientists wrote a letter to NIH to warn against the new guidelines and protest this conflict of interest. You'll see their stunning indictment in the book (page 126), but I want to tell you one thing they said right now, because it's too important to wait:

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Statin drugs are associated with an increased risk of cancer

One shocking study showed a 25 percent increase in cancer with statin treatment. In another study, 12 women in the statin group developed breast cancer vs. one woman in the control group.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not totally against these drugs. They're appropriate for some people with heart disease—as a last resort. But the vast majority of my patients get better results with my natural treatments.

My biggest worry about statin drugs

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Prescription drugs alter the human body in profound ways never seen before in the history of the human race.

You're the guinea pig if you take these drugs (or any new drug). Why do you think so many drugs have to be pulled off the market? The FDA and the drug makers don't identify all the side effects. YOU get to do that.

Why take the risk? You can get off statins within weeks. Just claim your 6 FREE Healthy Heart Bonus Reports along with 20 other reports—a total of 26—with your FREE-PREVIEW of our new 496-page book, Prescription for Drug Alternatives. Click here now.

Is your blood pressure drug making you sick?

Joe's medications made him pass out at work

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Joseph, age 49, came to me because he often felt dizzy at work. Sometimes he even fainted. That was really bad news because he worked in construction, around dangerous equipment. He also felt "a strange jolt in his heart" from time to time.

As I talked with Joseph I soon found out the problem had started a couple of years before. It was about the time his doctor put him on two medications for high blood pressure—a diuretic and an ACE inhibitor.

These blood pressure medications bring along more side effects, drug interactions and food/supplement interactions than just about any other drugs on the market. In our book you'll see a detailed list of warnings for all the major blood pressure medications.

Most patients can't stand these medicines. Many quit within months and refuse to take them ever again.

Blood pressure meds may be the most hated drugs in America—and the most lethal, too!

There are five categories of blood pressure drugs, and it's like they're in a race to see which one can be the most dangerous!

Joseph didn't even connect his problem to the medications. But after some tests ruled out other causes, I zeroed in on his two prescription drugs. Bingo!

Here's what happened: Diuretic blood pressure drugs increase the body's output of urine. The loss of all that water strips the body of potassium, plus a long list of other minerals you can't do without.

Potassium loss is a life-threatening problem

Joseph's fainting and dizzy spells usually occurred at work, when he was out in the sun. So I figured the heat was dehydrating him and speeding up his loss of potassium to the point where he'd pass out.

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I advised him to bring a potassium-rich vegetable juice (such as V8®) to work to keep up his potassium levels. I also prescribed two of the blood pressure supplements you'll find on page 117 of our book.

Soon the dizziness and fainting disappeared. The "strange jolts" to Joe's heart eventually went away, too. Within two months we were able to cut Joseph's dose of one of his drugs (the ACE inhibitor) in half. And a few months after that his blood pressure was healthy and he was off the drug completely.

Joe says he feels better than he has in years!

America's most lethal drug? See page 109!

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What?! My blood pressure drug can stop my heart?

One common blood pressure drug is so bad it's doubtful that anyone should take it, ever. A respected M.D. says overdose from this drug "is rapidly emerging as the most lethal prescription ingestion [i.e. pill]."

And another M.D., J. Douglas Bremner, says this fancy new type of drug is associated with a 26 percent increase in heart attacks compared to "old-fashioned" diuretic drugs that cost a third as much!

Yet—amazingly—it's hailed as a breakthrough and millions take it. This one class of drugs is a $2 billion industry. So when will this one be removed from the shelves—in time to save you and those you love?

What?! My blood thinner can give me a heart attack?
I thought it prevented them!

The number 10 top-selling drug in the country can actually do the opposite of what you take it for. If you combine it with a certain other top-selling drug, you almost double your risk of heart attack!

Order Now

Even if you take it as directed, this blood thinner can give you blood clots—the opposite of what it's supposed to do. (See "Major Cautions" on page 81 of our book.)

And if you get a headache, don't touch that painkiller! You can't take them when you take blood thinners. (See "Known Drug Interactions" on page 81.)

And cheaper blood thinners like warfarin aren't much better. You'll see—request your FREE-Preview copy of the book by clicking here and look under "B" for blood pressure (page 105).

"An aspirin a day (five cents) gives you just as much heart protection as this $3-a-day drug. Can you believe it? And fish oil is even safer and better!"

Depression drugs are no better than nothing

The FDA itself admits it: 80 percent of the benefit of depression drugs is from the placebo effect. In half the studies that have been done, the drugs were no better than a sugar pill.

Does that mean they have no effect? You wish! The fact is, they can mess you up in 242 ways. Over a 10-year period, the most popular depression drugs—SSRIs—were associated with more deaths, hospitalizations and serious drug reactions than any other prescription drugs.

Where can you turn? To page 173 of our book! You'll find an amino acid-like supplement that performs just as well as prescription antidepressants in head-to-head tests. PLUS, an even better depression cure that costs just pennies a day!

Some patients die within hours
of taking migraine drugs

URGENT WARNING! See page 238.

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Top prescription drugs for migraine headaches carry a serious risk of heart attack and stroke

You'd know that if you'd read our book. Look under "H" for headache (page 233). We name names—all six brands in this family of drugs called triptans.

Then on page 239 you can check out our natural solutions. You might be surprised...

A modern disease from not eating right

Most migraine patients are starving for CoQ10, magnesium and vitamin B2. The vitamin alone brought pain relief to 68 percent of migraine patients in a Belgian study. And patients taking CoQ10 see the number of migraine episodes go down by half.

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Some of my patients completely cure their headaches just by taking the three nutrients.

If the nutrients aren't enough,
these two medicinal herbs
will finish the job!

If you still need a medicine, try two that Mother Nature provides free. One herb cuts the number of migraine attacks nearly in half and the other one is even better: It slashes the number of headaches by 61.7 percent. And those rare times when you still get a headache, you can expect the pain to be only one-third of what it used to be.

What?! My osteoporosis drug makes me
more likely to break a bone?

Yes, that's what Cornell researchers found

I'm talking about America's number 1 drug for preventing bone loss. Women who take it for more than four years often suffer a certain type of leg fracture.

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And get this: You won't need a fall or some other accident to break a bone. The fractures can happen all by themselves!

It gets worse. This drug and other drugs in the same family can inflict heart problems, ulcers and more. The FDA says the drugs can cause crippling bone and joint pain—and the "experts" don't know why.

Check page 309 in our book and you'll see the dreadful dangers and side effects of nine brand-name osteoporosis drugs. And you'll get a full report on the Cornell study in a FREE Bonus Report called The Osteoporosis Drug that Causes Fractures. The bonus leaves no doubt that America's number 1 osteoporosis drug is a deadly menace!

In your FREE Report you'll find another shocker: The heart problems I just mentioned continue AFTER women stop taking the drug. In my opinion, the sooner you quit the better.

That's what happens when you mess with Mother Nature

Order Now

How can it be?
How can these drugs do the opposite of what they were designed for—and the medical experts missed it?

Here's what happened: Our bones are living things, and our bodies remove old bone all the time, and then build new bone to replace it. It's a natural process. The drugs interfere with nature and prevent the process of bone removal.

Sounds like a good idea if you want to prevent bone loss, right? That's what the drug companies thought. The problem is, you can't build new bone if you don't remove the old. After a few years, all your bone cells are older and more brittle than they would be if you just left things alone.

Once again, YOU'RE the guinea pig

This shocking scandal happened because drugs are tested for just a few years—not long enough to discover long-term side effects.

In fact, half the short-term side effects aren't identified, either—until after the drug goes on the market. You get to do the identifying. You're the guinea pig.

Protect yourself. Click here for your FREE-Preview copy of Prescription for Drug Alternatives. See page 307 and find out what you're getting into.

And besides... You can save your bones the natural way, for pennies.

This plant extract builds bone mass
better than a $704 drug

We're all going to get thin bones some day—including us men. It's an inevitable part of the aging process. The problem is, some people age too fast.

They already have "old bones" in their 50s while other people don't get old bones until they're past 100. I know which group I want to be in! And I'm sure I will be, because it's easy to slow down this part of the aging process...

The supplement that outperforms a
$704-a-year osteoporosis drug

Flip to page 317 of our book and discover a soy extract that increases bone density by 5.8 percent in just one year. Those are powerful results.

Pharmaceutical companies put out a press release if a drug increases bone density by up to 3 percent in three years. In our book you'll see the brand name of the drug I have in mind. It will cost you about $704 a year—for the rest of your life!

That's what they charge for a drug that takes three times as long to do half as much as the soy extract.

Our book recommends 8 super-nutrients
for restoring bone mass

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A few pages back I mentioned a vitamin that cuts your risk of heart attack in half. Most people have never heard of it, and it's not in any multivitamin I know of.

Guess what, the same little known vitamin cuts your risk of hip fracture by 50%!

Ain't Mother Nature great?

Those are the kind of results you'll get when you give nature a hand instead of taking a drug that gums up the works!

"6% increase in hip bone density in one year..."

"Thanks to Dr. Stengler, I have been rebuilding bone density on a consistent basis, without any medication... I can even do a leg press of over 300 pounds! At 63 years young, that's pretty good!"

—Peggy Smith California

Look at page 315 in our book and get the details on these two super nutrients and six more besides. Calcium, of course, but also...

  • Vitamin D: A true super nutrient for your bones. But D2—the form you get in milk and in some cheap supplements—is much less effective than the form we recommend.

  • Essential fatty acids: These nutrients tackle one of the most basic causes of bone loss.

  • Potassium: A vital building block for bones. But the wrong form of potassium actually causes you to lose bone!

  • Magnesium: Just as important as calcium. All by itself, it produces results that compare well with the drugs.

  • Horny goat weed: If that name doesn't get you curious, I don't know what will...

Most of our Super 8 nutrients can do more to promote bone density and prevent fractures than do the drugs—even if you take Order Now just one of them. Imagine how strong your bones will get if you take all 8!

God forbid you should ever suffer a broken hip or other fracture. But if you do, take advantage of the secret in this report. It heals fractures so fast, I caution doctors against using it before they set the bone! Truly an incredible breakthrough—yours FREE with your preview copy of our new 496-page book. Just click here now.

Heartburn drugs
are hip-breakers

Order Now The New England Journal of Medicine analyzed medical records and found a 44 percent increased risk of breaking a hip if you take drugs to stop your stomach from making acid. They proved it with a huge study of 148,942 patients.

And get this—drugs that reduce stomach acid can actually increase heartburn!

Get this FREE Report and you'll discover stomach acid isn't the problem at all—it's good for you—and blocking it is a health disaster!

Urgent Warning...

The #1 Drugs in America for Damaging Side Effects

These drugs cause more adverse drug reactions than any others... They send at least 70,000 people a year to the hospital and kill at least 7,000!

Order Now

Most Americans have no idea how dangerous painkilling drugs are. Every single painkiller is dangerous. ALL OF THEM.

You can get an ulcer in one month from naproxen, a common over-the-counter pain drug. For a while, it was the drug rated number 1 in the country for adverse drug reactions.

But that's nothing. ALL drugs in this class cause ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. That includes aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, Celebrex, and a long list of others. But there's more...

Now they all have to carry a heart warning on the package

If you thought Vioxx® was the only one, think again.

They ALL bring a risk of heart failure.

They're called NSAIDs (nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs), and they cause more dangerous side effects and deaths than any other group of drugs.

And what about acetaminophen—the only common pain drug that's not a NSAID? It's the number 1 cause of liver failure. It causes 56,000 emergency room visits a year!

Four FREE REPORTS to Get You Off Pain Pills for Good!

68-year-old cancels back surgery!

"They told her surgery or cortisone injections were the only answers for her degenerated discs. She came to me and got rid of the pain in 5 days!"

This lady was one of my first success stories with an amazing new "heating pad" that uses a special type of infrared light. The light waves vibrate at the same frequency as human cells.

After just five sessions, she was so delighted she bought one herself. They don't Order Now cost much. And she avoided surgery

It works for all types of pain

Another patient suffered from severe, "incurable" fibromyalgia—a type of chronic pain. Her whole body was so wracked with pain she couldn't get a good night's sleep.

After just one treatment she was able to sleep through the night.

Send for your Bonus Report, The High-Tech Home Remedy for Pain. It's a GIFT with your FREE PREVIEW of our new book. Just click here.

Joanna got off Celebrex in two weeks!

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Joanna was a professional athlete when a freak accident benched her for life. She fell off a ladder and broke her ankle. She lost 40 percent of her ankle cartilage and then degenerative arthritis set in. Surgeons said there was nothing they could do. Ibuprofen and Celebrex didn't bring much relief.

She came to me at age 46, after six years of agonizing pain. I prescribed a natural rub-on cream. In one week, Joanna's pain was nearly gone, and in two weeks she was able to stop medications completely.

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"Incurable" rheumatoid arthritis cleared up in 2 months!

Most experts will tell you crippling rheumatoid arthritis is hopeless. Not me! Sandy had suffered for 16 years when she showed up in my office. Two months later, she had no more symptoms of arthritis in her joints—and she was totally off ALL medications!

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Here it is in one Special Report—the six supplements I recommend first for chronic pain. The University of California proved one of them is just as good as high-priced Celebrex. Another is a homeopathic gel that clears up pain for weeks with just one application. Get all six natural remedies in this FREE Bonus Report.

These four and 22 more!

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The 4 Most Deadly Prescription Drug Myths

Myth #1: My pharmacy will warn me if I'm combining the wrong drugs.

FACT: Don't count on it. A research team submitted dangerous drug combinations to 245 drugstores in seven cities. These were clear-cut cases. The pharmacist should have refused to fill the prescriptions or called the doctor. The stores went right ahead and filled them 32 percent of the time.

Myth #2: The drug packaging tells everything I need to know about side effects.

FACT: The side effect info is usually a laundry list of every reaction you can imagine, put there to protect the maker from lawsuits. A healthy young woman in California died of a seizure caused by a common antidepressant. The side effect was listed on page 9 of the instructions.

Myth #3: My doctor will warn me about any serious dangers from my meds.

FACT: An FDA study showed doctors almost never discuss the dangers of drugs with their patients. The docs expect you to read the info in the drug packaging. Which brings us to the next myth...

Myth #4: Really serious drug reactions are rare.

FACT: Reactions to prescription drugs are the number 4 cause of death in the United States, after heart attacks, cancer and strokes. And two million people a year are severely injured.

Prescription drugs are 10 times more likely to put you in the hospital than a car accident!

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Required Disclaimer: The information published in this Special Report is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice. Before making any decision regarding your health, please consult a physician or other qualified health-care practitioner.

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